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Show your support for Brisbane Convoy for Kids and have your name on a "B" double trailer for a year. Click the link for more info.
BC4K Trailer of Hope


With restrictions being eased we are able to have a general meeting . If you intend on attending could you please let me know asap so we can make sure we are following covid regulations and to make sure safe distancing practices are followed.
Meeting Date : Saturday 13th June
Time 10:00 am
Address: 8 Leslie Street Kallangur 4503.
from Coral Stevenson Secretary
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2020 BC4K Presidents Report - Presented at the 2020 AGM Brisbane Convoy for Kids Inc.
I’d like to start by acknowledging everyone that volunteered their time to help with the Brisbane Convoy for Kids during 2019 and what a year it was. To my fellow executive committee thank you for soldiering on through a very trying year for us all. It’s always a pleasure to be part of this passionate, dedicated team. As the world gets busier and our own lives take twists and turns it always refreshing that everyone has your back. And for that I’m personally very grateful.
And to the sub committees and the members that work tirelessly alongside the committees a huge thanks for your efforts this year. And to all our volunteers please let it be known that we couldn’t do it without you, Thank You.
WOW!! What can I say about 2019? This Time last year I declared 2018 was the biggest year in its nine-year history. Well I think you will agree was bigger.
From the start of 2019 we knew it would be a huge year. Not only were we celebrating the 10th annual running of the event, we had committed ourselves to attend as many transport related events as possible during the year to try and reach as many people we could and let them know about “Brisbane Convoy for Kids”. Id like to thank all those people who gave their time to have us represented at every event possible during the year including the Bi-Annual Brisbane Truck Show which was a huge success for us promotion wise and sponsor wise.
As a personal project for the last couple of years and a lot of phone calls, meetings and planning a personal project came to be in 2019. The Brisbane Convoy for Kids Supporters trailer that we later renamed the “Trailer of Hope” Thank you to MJ for inspiring the name change. After seeing the success of other similar trailers around the country and the “The People Truck” from Illawarra. I believed we could make a trailer here work. So I set about trying to find industry support and started by approaching Followmont Transport and Mark Tobin in the hope they would allow us to wrap one of their local trailers with sponsor names. Mark Tobin liked our idea but wanted us to dream bigger. What we would take away from the meeting with was the chance to wrap a line haul B double fridge van. This meeting was the start our supporters’ trailer. We then approached Darren Bennett from Fleet imaging to discuss wrapping the B double for us, he not only agreed to do the wrap but would supply it at cost, ultimately Fleet Imaging completed the wrap free of charge which helped us go on to donate $60, 000 from the “Trailer of Hope”. And I’d like to take this chance to thank Mork for almost single handed filled the trailer.
Convoy Day! Or I should say week. We experienced a few challenges in the set up of the 2019 event. With our event manager being MIA due to work commitments and changes to Redcliffe show ground, we set about redesigning the layout not sure what we were doing. So, with a few long nights and many hours planning and then replanning we were ready for the 2019 Brisbane Convoy for Kids. And with the grace of a swan we pulled off another amazing event. Only those of us in the know will appreciate the frantic paddling that went on below the surface on the day. Again, thank you to everyone who helped on the day from our sponsors, supporters and suppliers, to the many volunteers and members with you all we wouldn’t have been able to donate $80 000 in 2019. Taking our year total to $140 000.
Where to from here 2020 and beyond. I believe our charity and our event have reached a status now where more of the bigger businesses want to join us and be part of our event. We are at a point where we need to take ourselves from the humble begins and continue to grow this event to its full potential. We need to not only showcase it as the major SE QLD event it is but make a nationally recognised event that it should be. We need to convince council, government and the corporate

world alike that they need to support us because they need us, not we need them. Our outlook need to take on a professional business approach to our growth, we need to find and attract people with the skills we need to grow. We aren’t talking small fundraising anymore our goal needs to be a million dollars and beyond. Brisbane Convoy for Kids must keep growing and striving to be bigger and better.
Finally, To Hummingbird House I thank you for what you do for the families in your care. I thank you for sharing the stories of everyday families that our donation goes toward helping. Brisbane Convoy for kids are honoured to help such a great cause and we look forward to the future with you.
Warm Regards

Steven Rowley
2019 BC4K President


Congratulations to our 2020 Executive Committee!
President: Steven (Poddy) Rowley
Vice President: Darren (Mork) Cartner
Treasurer: Jenny Hughes
Secretary: Coral Stevenson
Public Officer: Clarissa Rowley


Welcome to 2020. The committee hopes you are well rested and bursting in to the new year with enthusiasm. We are already hard at work behind the scenes preparing for our 2020 event. Although, after the mammoth $140,000 we donated to Hummingbird House last year, we are going to have our work cut out for us!

If there is something special you would like to see at convoy, please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we are continually looking to improve and grow the event. Also, now is the time to become involved, so if you would like to become active on the organizing committee, please drop us a line and we will make sure you are aware of where and when the next meeting is.


Don't forget that submissions are being taken for the 2020 Trailer of Hope. Don't miss out on your spot on the trailer!Trailer of Hope PhotoPhoto of 2019 Trailer of Hope currently running the highways of Australia proudly showing your support.


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